Who We Serve

The Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County (HWFPC) was established to help fund and assist through strategic grants to nonprofits toward the development of health and wellness services and programming by awarding grant funding to qualified nonprofit organizations. HWFPC strives to support and improve the health and wellness of all individuals seeking health services in Pike County, IL, and, as such, will only fund projects and agencies that directly benefit the residents and those seeking health services within Pike County, Illinois.

HWFPC does not fund projects that benefit sole individuals, clubs, or for-profit organizations including private or religious organizations, nor does it directly or indirectly support political campaigns or lobbying activities.

Areas of Interest

The scope of our interest encompasses initiating and aligning health programs; supporting creative collaborations; capacity building; reducing duplication of services; and advancing programs or services that positively impact the health and wellness of Pike County, Illinois. 

Community Collaborations

We believe in partnering with local non-profit organizations in an effort to create sustainable change and impactful improvements in the health and quality of life for all in Pike County. We are committed to collaborating with local non-profit organizations, government agencies, and businesses that expand or enhance health and wellness in Pike County, IL by providing project funding or human capital. Since 2004, we have taken part in numerous successful collaborations that include health and resource fairs, health needs assessments, and serving as fiscal sponsors to an array of organizations.

Funding Focus

Through our array of grants, the Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County has sought to fund the development programs and services encompassing: health programming, medical services, wellness, and well-being initiatives, and health education with the potential to have a meaningful impact on Pike County, Illinois. We invite and encourage proposals from not-for-profit entities which are in alignment with the Foundation’s mission of assisting organizations and initiatives that positively influence the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of those seeking services in Pike County.

HWFPC is interested in providing grants to projects that are capable of addressing Pike County’s most pressing health needs. We discern health trends, statistics, and disparities on a continual basis in order to fund programs that will have the greatest impact on the health status of Pike County. Among the many focus areas we deem as strategic to our mission, our funding focus also seeks to address the county’s most pressing health priorities.

  • Mental/Behavioral Health
  • Children and Families
  • Substance Abuse
  • Oral Health and Access to Dental Care
  • Healthy Eating and Active Living
  • Quality of Life, Including Access to Food, Shelter & Basic Health Care
  • Older Adults
  • Prevention and Wellness
  • Access to Services, Programs and Care
  • Health Equity

Types of Support

The Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County supports its philanthropic mission through an array of funding programs. 

  • We offer both competitive and non-competitive grants on an annual basis. 

  • Over the years we have expanded our scholarship offerings to support individuals across the continuum who are seeking a profession in a health or allied health field.

  • A significant part of our work has advanced to include strategic collaborations which have helped to expand organizational outreach as well as increase community health capacity.