Scholarships Supporting Health Professions

Our scholarship program provides a means for Pike County graduating seniors, those already studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, or those in the workplace to have access to educational opportunities. Our array of scholarship options encourages and financially supports those who are considering a career in the health, fitness or wellness field of study. Areas of study may include but are not limited to:

  • Public health
  • Nursing
  • Pre-med
  • Physical therapy
  • Health care administration
  • Mental/behavioral health
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab technician
  • Medical records
  • Health/wellness trainer

John S. Teuscher Health Scholarships

In 2008 the Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County lost its founding Board Chairman John S. Teuscher. John’s foresight, commitment, and understanding that not all families in Pike County have their basic health needs met, made the dream of establishing an organization to address those health needs a reality. To honor John and commemorate his commitment to the health and well-being of Pike County, the John S. Teuscher Scholarship Program was established to support and encourage individuals pursuing health-related professions.

  • This scholarship offers two $1000 scholarships annually to graduating Pike County seniors pursuing a graduate degree in the health profession. Applicable degrees include pre-med, nursing, physical therapy, medical records, and public health, among others.

  • One $1000 scholarship is awarded annually to an individual already pursuing graduate education and pursuing a degree in a health field or studying for supplementary qualifications in a health field.

  • Annually, four $750 scholarships are offered to Pike County residents to be used toward Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training at John Wood Community College (JWCC).

  • One $1000 scholarship is awarded annually to an individual already in the workforce to go back into an academic setting to pursue new training in a health field or to seek supplementary qualifications in a particular health field.

Additional Scholarships

  • Made possible through a bequest from the Merlyn Barton estate, two $200 scholarships are available to employees of Illini Community Hospital who are seeking certification as a Registered Nurse.

  • Established from a bequest from the William Withus estate, this scholarship is offered to employees of Illini Community Hospital and awards three $100 scholarships for continuing education registration, workshops, and related professional education expenses.