Immediate Response Grant Overview

The Immediate Response Grant (IRG) is a non-competitive grant and can be requested any time of the year in response to an urgent need, and is processed quickly. These can be emergency grants requested to respond to an unexpected circumstance, or opportunity grants to take advantage of an emerging opportunity or to provide the service or start the program while other funding sources are sought. Opportunities that can be or could have been submitted within the regular grant cycle are not eligible for the Immediate Response Grant.

Immediate Response Grants are awarded for programs that do not fit within HWFPC’s Healthy Communities Grant Program cycle and fund programs not exceeding $3500 in a twelve-month period.

Areas of Interest

Specific areas of interest include projects that:

  • Improve lives through better healthcare, through projects that engage in disease prevention, treatment and patient education.
  • Enrich lives through healthier communities, supporting organizations that offer health care, human services programs and opportunities to achieve a higher state of wellness.
  • Empower lives through better education, through programs that improve access to comprehensive and accurate health education resources and learning opportunities.

Funding Priorities

Among the numerous areas eligible for funding, the following priorities of concern have been identified:

  • Obesity, nutrition, and exercise
  • Childhood health
  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Substance abuse
  • Oral health and access to dental services
  • Quality of life, including access to food, shelter, and basic health care
  • Prevention and wellness
  • Access to services and health care

To Apply

All proposals meeting the criteria of eligibility will be taken into consideration.  Proposals are selected, and/or denied for funding based on the project’s ability to:

  • Offer effective ways to address health problems or disparities
  • Positively impact Pike County’s most pressing health needs and disparities
  • Exhibit collaboration between service providers and/or agencies
  • Leverage other sources of funding
  • Demonstrate ability to remain sustainable


Applicant eligibility is based on the ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Project is consistent with HWFPC’s mission and benefits the health/wellness of Pike County, Illinois
  • Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, operates under a 501(c)(3) Fiscal Agent, a school, governmental, or public entity
  • May be based outside of Pike County, but must provide services within Pike Co., IL
  • Organization was previously funded by HWFPC
  • HWFPC does not fund individuals; religious organizations, or clubs; expenses already incurred; annual or capital campaigns; political campaigns or lobbying


For more information or questions about any of the requested information, please contact the Foundation office


Completed grant applications should be mailed to the Foundation office in the format described below. Hand-delivered applications will ONLY be accepted with prior arrangements. Email, fax, or other shipping submissions are not accepted.

  • Two Copies

    Provide one complete original and one complete copy of the Grant Application.

  • Page Requirements

    No more than ten pages, printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, single-sided, 12 pt. font. Attachments are not counted as part of the overall response limit.

  • No Extra Materials

    Do not include materials not specifically requested including videos, brochures, or other materials.

  • Mailing Address

    Applications should be sent to the Foundation office at the following address: 

    Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County 
    112 W. Washington, PO Box 81
    Pittsfield, IL 62363