Health Catalyst Grant Overview

The Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County (HWFPC) invites proposals from not-for-profit entities which are in alignment with the Foundation’s mission of assisting organizations and initiatives that positively influence the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of those seeking services in Pike County.

The Health Catalyst Grant is a competitive grant that seeks to facilitate the development or expansion of health interventions by qualified providers serving Pike County, Illinois, and to serve as a catalyst for positively impacting the health of Pike County.  HWFPC invites proposals from not-for-profit entities whose projects span 1- 3 years and which are transformative; sustainable, and demonstrate the capacity to positively impact HWFPC’s priority health concerns. 

The Health Catalyst Grant awards up to $15,000 annually per project. Multi-year proposals are accepted and encouraged that do not exceed three years or a maximum amount of $45,000. Projects that are multiple-year endeavors should clearly identify the funding needs each year of the program. The Call for Proposals begins in June, with grant recipients to be announced in October annually.

Desired Outcomes

Through this grant, HWFPC aims to effect a positive impact on its health priorities by investing in programs and evidence-based initiatives with quantifiable outcomes and measurable progress toward positive change. Interventions proposed in proposals should primarily address the Foundation’s funding priorities. In order to amplify the impact of this grant, HWFPC prioritizes support for projects that strive to accomplish the following:

  • Positively impact an identified health need
  • Leverage programs that can ultimately be sustained beyond HWFPC funding
  • Strengthen the social safety net
  • Implement collaborative approaches through development of shared tools, resources, protocols
  • Demonstrate and replicate research-informed, emerging and promising practices

Funded Projects

For previous grants awarded, please contact the Foundation office.

Funding Priorities

HWFPC invests in projects that are capable of addressing Pike County’s most pressing health needs and have the greatest impact on the health status of all individuals. Through its Health Needs Assessment, HWFPC has identified the following prevailing health priorities and seeks to fund initiatives with comprehensive strategies that have a positive and sustaining impact:

  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Obesity, nutrition, and exercise
  • Substance abuse
  • Oral health and access to dental services
  • Quality of life, including access to food, shelter, and basic health care

To Apply

All proposals meeting the application criteria and deemed complete will be taken into consideration. Proposals will be judged on their ability to meet the Foundation's mission, address the county’s most pressing health needs, and:

  • Demonstrate broad community impact
  • Offer new and sustainable ways to address health problems or disparities
  • Address Pike County’s most pressing health needs, including the at-risk or underserved
  • Exhibit high levels of collaboration between service providers and/or agencies
  • Reduce long-term costs or duplication of services
  • Incorporate sound programmatic and evaluation methods as building blocks for project success
  • Leverage outside financial resources


For more information or questions about any of the requested information, please contact the Foundation office


Completed grant applications are due at the Foundation office by mail no later than August 1, annually in the format described below. Proposals that do not include all components detailed in the Grant Application may be deemed ineligible for consideration. Hand-delivered applications will ONLY be accepted with prior arrangements. Email, fax, or other shipping submissions are not accepted.

  • Two Copies

    Provide one complete original and one complete copy of the Grant Application.

  • Page Requirements

    No more than ten pages, printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, single sided,12 pt. font. Attachments are not counted as part of the overall response limit.

  • No Extra Materials

    Do not include materials not specifically requested including videos, brochures, or other materials.

  • Mailing Address

    Applications should be sent to the Foundation office at the following address: 

    Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County 
    112 W. Washington, PO Box 81
    Pittsfield, IL 62363