Our Vision

To make Pike County a healthier place for ALL to live.

Our Mission

We promote and assist organizations and initiatives that positively impact the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of those in Pike County.

Our Priorities

  • Improving lives through better healthcare, through projects that engage in disease prevention, treatment, and patient education.
  • Enriching lives through healthier communities, funding organizations that offer health care and human services programs, or those that help support a higher state of wellness.
  • Empowering lives through better education, through programs that improve access to comprehensive and accurate health education resources and learning opportunities.
  • Addressing health concerns, needs, or disparities that have been identified as critical to the population in Pike County, IL.

Our History

Founded in 2003 as the Illini Community Health Care Foundation (ICHCF), we awarded our first competitive grants beginning in 2004. Since that time, we have awarded hundreds of grants totaling more than $1 million to fund programs and initiatives that solely benefit Pike County. In the years since our inception, we have focused our work and funding on meaningful programs that improve lives through better health care and services, enrich lives through healthier communities, empower lives through better health education, and address health concerns, needs, or disparities critical to Pike County, Illinois.

The Foundation came into being upon the sale of Illini Community Hospital to BlessingCare Corporation of Quincy. The Hospital Board of Directors used the resulting assets to establish an independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, the Foundation has been solely dedicated to serving residents of and those seeking services in Pike County through programs that enhance health, increase the quality of life, and generate a higher state of wellness. Today we are Pike County’s only foundation solely dedicating its efforts to serving those health needs.

Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County

In October 2010, the Foundation changed its name to the Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County (HWFPC). This name change was facilitated by the desire to more accurately reflect an expanded mission and a broadened scope of interest which includes addressing issues related to wellness as manifested by health promotion, disease prevention, and support of positive lifestyle choices. We believe this new focus remains in direct alignment with the Foundations’ original goals of strengthening existing health networks; fostering the development of new programs and services; helping build the capacity of health organizations of Pike County; and supporting creative change through community collaboration.