Types of Support

Healthy Communitie Grants:
our core program, we award grant funding to qualifying non-profit organizations serving Pike County, IL on the basis of their ability to address the health and wellness focus reflected in our mission.

Immediate Response Grants (IRG):
We offer grants up to $3500 for projects that help not-for-profit health and human service organizations. An organization can only be awarded an IRG grant once in any twelve month period.

John S. Teuscher Health Scholarship Program:
Commemorating our founding board chairman, we provide two scholarships annually to graduating high school seniors pursuing a health profession or career in an allied health field and two Workforce Retraining Scholarships are offered to individuals pursuing a health profession or allied health field. Recipients are not required to practice within Pike County.

Community Collaborations:
We are committed to collaborating with local non-profit organizations, government agencies, and businesses that expand or enhance health and wellness in Pike County, IL by providing project funding or human capital.