How does the Foundation define “health”?
The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The Foundation also defines health in these same broad terms, and takes a holistic view of prevention and wellness, seeking to improve the health of all individuals residing in Pike County, IL or those seeking health services within Pike County. The Foundation recognizes that health encompasses overall quality of life, mental and physical well-being and is directly impacted by access to services and programs regardless of stage of life, economic circumstance and physical limitations.

What is the primary focus of the Foundation’s funding?
HWFPC supports health organizations or entities that enhance the quality of life and wellness of individuals at every stage of life by assisting with health related projects, services and educational endeavors.

While our focus and commitment remain dedicated to enhancing the health of Pike County, we feel our new name – Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County (HWFPC) – more accurately reflects our intent to address issues related to wellness as manifested by health promotion, disease prevention and support of positive lifestyle decisions.  We believe this new focus remains in direct alignment with our original objective to strengthen existing health initiatives, foster the development of new programs and help build the capacity of health and wellness organizations of Pike County.

How can I apply for a Health and Wellness Foundation of Pike County Grant?
To apply for a grant from HWFPC please review the section: Apply for Funding in our web Site.

What types of Proposals are typically discouraged?
Proposals are typically discouraged for: ordinary operating expenses; deficit financing; individuals; for-profit programs and services; unrestricted grants, unless invited by the Foundation’s board and staff.

If our Proposal is selected, how soon could we expect to receive funding?
Once grant recipients have been selected, a grant agreement must be executed between the Foundation and the grantee.  Funding is typically received within 30-90 days.

What is the average grant amount the Foundation awards?
While there is not an average grant amount awarded, the Foundation announces at the beginning of the funding year areas in which they would like to receive proposals. Grant amounts awarded will vary depending on the specific proposal and the resources required to support the project.  There is no funding limit to requests made through the Healthy Communities Grant Program.  The Immediate Response Grant Program only provides funding up to $3,500.00

I am running a health service outside of Pike County, Illinois; can I still apply to the Foundation for a Grant?
Organizations are only eligible for HWFPC funding if they provide services specifically within Pike County, Illinois.

How do I apply for an Immediate Response Grant?
Immediate Response Grants may be submitted at any time throughout the year in amounts up to $3,500.00. Immediate Response Grants are made for programs that do not fit within the Foundation’s normal funding cycle and for areas of unanticipated need.

Where is the Foundation’s office located?
The Foundation office is located in Pittsfield, Illinois just off the Courthouse Square at 112 W. Washington.

Other Questions?
Please feel free to contact us at any time at ichcf@aol.com