Grant Awards

Healthy Community Grants, 2008/09 Cycle

Illini Community Hospital $40,000 Expansion Campaign 5 year pledge
Hobby Horse House $6108 Positive Parenting Program
Two Rivers Food Pantry $6000 Food supplies
U of I Extension $5000 Michigan Model Health Education Project
Pittsfield Senior Services Meal Site $3500 Start up costs
Access Illinois Food Project $3500 Venison processing
Barry Food Pantry $2000 Food Supplies
Barry Skate Park $1000 Project Support

Immediate Response Grants 2008/09

Pike County Drug Court $3500 Program support
Rotary Anti Drug/Drinking Program $3500 Underwrite program
Multiple Myeloma Walk/Run $1500 Event Sponsor
Pikeland Foundation $1000 Exercise equipment
Meals Plus $500 Program support

Community Collaborations 2008/09

Pike County Community Health Partnership
Fiscal sponsor

Pike County Health and Resource Fair
Underwrite event

Pike County Senior Expo
Underwrite event

Pike County Unmet Needs
Program support

Transportation Task Force
Feasibility study

Pittsfield Skate Park
Fiscal sponsor